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Igloo Shipping Container

Igloo Shipping Container
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We recommend using a 60 quart Igloo cooler for shipping engines.  The cooler is lightweight, doublewalled and easy to maneuver for whatever carrier you may use (UPS or Federal Express).  Please be sure to empty your engine completely before shipping.  Papertowel rolls are a great way to pack the engine tightly for shipping.  NEVER USE PACKING PEANUTS for sending an engine or any other part.  They break down in transit, providing no cushion or support and making a huge mess; they get into every nook and cranny of whatever you may be shipping, causing us to charge you for time spent cleaning before we can work on your part/engine.  If an engine arrives in a container that is damaged, you will be charged $30 for a cooler to return the engine safely to you.


Never use peanuts.

Be sure anything shipped has no fluid; if the fluid leaks out of the shipping box, the container will be held whereever it may happen to be in transit, causing delays and usually more charges to get to its destination.

Awkward, heavy (wooden) boxes do not ship well, they have no give and tend to get broken in transit.

Single walled plastic containers almost always end up with holes in the bottom or cracks by the time they get here.

Excessively dirty engines will incur a cleaning fee.

Pack tightly.

Enclose contact information as well as year, make and model of what we are working on.

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