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KTM 570 BBK 12.5:1 Compression

KTM 570 BBK 12.5:1 Compression
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We know that the 520/525 is more bike than most of us need. But!! It's not a matter of need, it's a matter want!! So for those brave souls that need, want or desire more, here it is. The 570 kits add more power from bottom to top. This kit is not for the faint of heart - it is a fire breathing monster that in the right hands can be a real weapon. These kits are like adding nitrous to a 426 Hemi, can you say over kill - who cares!! So if you are riding 520-525 now and think that you feel the need for more, then the 570 is the place to start.

The 570 is the next jump up and gives both great bottom to mid power gains. For those that ride in far off places where fuel may be questionable we recommend staying with 11:1 compression. The 570 can safely run 12.5:1 compression on premium pump gas as long as you are installing a stage one or greater cam at the same time. Our 13:1+ compression kits require high octane race fuel.

A KTM stroker crank can be added to any of the KTM kits which will turn the 540 kit into a 576cc motor, the 550 kit into a 588cc motor, and the 570 kit into a 600cc and for the rider that wants it all, we have a 640 fire breathing monster option (please call for specifics) The stroker crank tends to give the RFS motors a heavy feeling. We have found a way to eliminate this by lightening and rebalancing the crank.

Your stock cylinders must be sent in for boring and renikasil plating. To save downtime, for a fully refundable deposit, we usually have core exchange cylinders available; we will send you the kit with the modified cylinder ready to install, when you return your old core within 30 days of receiving the kit, we will refund the deposit in full. 
We use an aluminum liner and renikasil each cylinder for maximum life and reliability.  Each cylinder is honed to exact tolerances for the best fit and finish possible.  All kits include everything needed for installation. Bored and plated Cylinder, piston kit, top end gasket set and cam chain link.

The stock cam is good for tight single track and gives the most bottom end power increase but it will need to be short shifted to stay in the "meat of the power". A stage 2 cam provides a strong mid range power increase. This cam is best suited for faster mx and more open style riding. The stage 4 is for the power hungry. Bottom end suffers a little about 10% @ 2000rpm but mid to topend power is increased dramatically and the motor gains a good amount of overrev.

The addition of a cam and or the stroker crank should be discussed with us before ordering. If you are thinking of "going big" please give our tech department a call to find which kit and combinations best fits your riding needs.

Option 1: You send us your core to install sleeve and replate - Price: $775

Option 2: Purchase kit with core exchange - Price $1075 (includes $300 core deposit. Deposit refunded when you send in old core, so kit is really same price)
Option 3: You send us the motor to install the kit - Price: $1030 


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