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250 XCF/W-SXF to 320

250 XCF/W-SXF to 320
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Cost $1325 installed in motor and includes the following:
Custom Cool flow aluminum sleeve nikasil plated with increased water to sleeve wall surface area for better heat transfer and more stable core cylinder temperatures under extreme conditions.
Balancing of crank to piston
Case boring to fit larger cylinder
Weld and reshape cylinder head for improved water flow.
Complete inspection of valve train, crank, transmission, and clutch.
Jetting to match increased displacement.
Complete inspection of your motor.

The 320 makes great bottom to midrange power with good overrev. While we love the 300 kit we always want a little more and since our design engineer is 6� 245lbs and he likes big engines. We felt this is a great compromise for the rider that would really like a 350 but may be on a budget. This motor is almost the perfect blend of power to weight. While not a much raw power or overrev as our 350 kit this motor has almost a 450 feel off idle and pulls well into the upper RPM�s. Throttle response is very crisp and power is still very manageable. During dyno testing the 320 pulled 45% more power at 7000rpms over a stock 250. Depending on the type of power you are looking for we may recommend a cam change and/or porting. Once we receive the engine and tear it down for inspection we will call to discuss any issues we may find and any motor options that may fit your riding style.

  • 320 BBK RINGS

    320 BBK RINGS


  • 320 BBK PISTON

    320 BBK PISTON


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