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The WR250R is not exactly an enduro model and it's not a streetbike. Its partner, the supermoto-inspired WR250X, is for riders who spend more time on pavement than off it.

When we first got a chance to ride the WR250 we had a lot of fun with it. On the street it is mild mannered and fun. Once we took the WR250R on anything tougher than a dirt road or pushed the WR250X on the pavement we immediately noticed; both models are lacking bottom end grunt. The motor makes power but needs to be rev'ed out in order to find it. We set to work coming up with the perfect blend of bottom end increase without hurting the enjoyable characteristics of the stock motor. A lot of thought went into how big do we go? Countless combinations were tried. In the end we decided to stick with a 280 kit, the reason for this was simple: Doing a 290 kit made the piston too heavy. Keeping the kit a 280 gave us a piston weight that is 8 grams heavier than stock. If we had gone with a 290 the piston came in at 28 grams heavier which you could feel in the higher RPM's. This gave the motor a buzzy feeling at higher RPMs. By staying with a 280 kit we minimized any increase in vibration, reciprocating mass is minimal and engine longevity is ensured.

We offer four options: 

Option One: $264  We provide you the piston and top end gaskets, you have your stock cylinder overbored and replated to match the 280 piston.

Option Two:  $555  Send in your cylinder, we will complete all the appropriate work and send you back the kit complete and ready to install. 

Option Three: $555 + $300 core deposit.  We send you the kit with a completed modified cylinder and the piston and gaskets, ready to install.  NOTE:  There is a $300 fully refundable core charge for this option.  When you return your old cylinder to us within 30 days of receiving the kit, we will refund the $300 deposit in full.

Please call or email for availability of core cylinders.

Option Four:  $555 + $255 in labor. We install the kit in your engine (out of the bike) includes: All cylinder work and replating, moly coated piston kit, top end gasket set and all labor to install the kit in your motor out of the bike.  This includes a full top end inspection as well as labor to reshim the valves if needed and head is sent in (shims extra). For motor in bike please call us at 775-309-4956.

Note: This kit requires a fuel controller. If you already have a controller and we have a map available (we have maps for DynoJet Power Commanders) we will program it for free. If you need a controller, there is no additional charge for programming and installation of the controller, other than the cost of the controller itself. Keep in mind we offer a 15% discount on the controller with the purchase of a kit as our way of saying thanks.

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