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Cylinder Boring/Sleeving

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Sleeving is an economical method of repairing damaged and worn out cylinders.


Don't believe the myth that sleeved cylinders are unreliable, in reality they are as reliable as plated cylinders.  And unlike coated cylinders, our sleeved cylinders can be overbored by any decent engine machine shop for oversized pistons for 1/3 the cost of replating.


Our turn around time for sleeving a cylinder averages 3-4 days depending on our workload at the time.


If you want to port your 2 stroke cylinder or 4 stroke head please check out our porting services.


We have found some pistons can vary in size by up to one thousandth of an inch. We prefer to have the piston when we bore and hone a cylinder.  This allows us to give you an EXACT clearance as recommended by the piston manufacturer. Our cylinder honing varies by less than .0002 of an inch, which is more exact then OEM specs.  We can supply you with a piston of your choice;  We offer pistons by the biggest names in Engine performance:

CP Pistons, Vertex, Wossner, J&E, ProX, Wiseco and others


2 stroke sleeving: We install our super slick Moly impregnated sleeve, match the ports, relieve the exhaust bridge if needed, chamfer the edges of the ports and give you an exact clearance. If you have done a race port on a 2 stroke cylinder and don't want to go through the cost of a new cylinder and reporting, we can sleeve it and save that damaged cylinder along with the porting.


4 stroke sleeving: We install our super slick Moly impregnated cast iron, ductile iron or aluminum sleeve (depending on the application all aluminum sleeves require plating)  Most all our wet sleeves include our proprietary "Cool Flow" sleeve design which increases water to sleeve contact up to 40% which results in a cooler running and more stable cylinder core temperature.

Sleeve installation includes boring and honing and is $150.00.

Boring and honing only is $90.00.


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