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We have over 20 years of experience porting cylinder heads of all kinds.  All cylinder heads have room for improvement.  Factory castings are okay at best.  Get the best performance out of your build by matching the porting to your goals.  Too much porting and you have a motor that won't make clean bottom end power, not enough and the opposite happens.  Matching the porting to the motor is key for the best performance.  Our engineers take in more than just the fact that you want to port a head.  We look at your performance goals, are you a trial rider, do you race?  Where in the RPMs do you mostly spend your time?  Are you looking for a broad spread of power or all top end?  Then we look at engine design, is your motor stock? Or has there been modifications? IE: cam choice, compression, valve size, stroke x bore, carb design, etcetera.  All of this is fully reviewed before deciding on the appropriate porting configuration. 

Most porting falls into one of three categories: trail porting, full race porting or Two-stroke porting. 

Trail porting is porting that works well for stock and modified motors alike.  End goals are broader power, better throttle response and improved overall performance.

Race porting is geared for the rider that is looking for all out power and should only be done on the full race motor.  End goals are primarily mid to top power and peak performance as well as better throttle response.    

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