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Keihin FCR FP Emulsion tube and dual spray accelerator pump kit


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This simple easy to install emulsion tube is for all Keihin FCR Gen 2 and Gen 3 carburetors. The FP Emulsion tube better atomizes fuel delivery in such a way no stock carb can achieve, turning your carburetor into a fuel delivery system that rivals fuel injection. Liquid fuel cannot burn, as only vaporized fuel can. You can see from pictures of a test carb while running a high speed camera the standard emulsion tube at 1/4 throttle looks like it is dripping fuel out. Now looking at the same carburetor with the FP emulsion tube you can see the fuel coming out of the emulsion tube is misting and atomizing up to 100x better that the stock carburetor. By vaporizing or misting the fuel we achieve a much better and more complete burn. This translates into better fuel atomization, running without misfire at leaner fuel delivery rates, better power from the same amount of fuel, more consistent and smoother running, and better performance.


Now we address the other part of the carburetor that delivers an inefficient fuel charge: the stock Keihin accelerator pump normally delivers one thick stream of fuel when rapidly opening the throttle (think squirt gun). The accelerator pump delivers additional fuel to the motor during a rapid throttle opening because there is a loss of vacuum when you open the throttle quickly, which usually lasts about 1-3 seconds or until the motor revs up. By changing the accelerator pump nozzle from a single large spray to small dual streams we reduce the size of the fuel droplets provided during acceleration by half, which allows better atomization of the fuel delivered by the accelerator pump and a crisper, cleaner burn.


Making these two minor changes to your carburetor will drastically improve your carburetor's performance making a carburated motor feel like it has fuel injection.  

*The dual spray and emulsion tube may be bought individually or the package is $80, No other discounts can be applied to the package.


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