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78mm KTM crank


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KTM had the right idea but dropped the ball when they built their version of a stroker crank for the RFS engine.  the crank was heavy slow reving and had a tendency to spread out of true at higher rpms.  We have been mofifying stock cranks by stroking and lightening them for several years now with excellent results. we have done so many over the years that we finally desided to design and bild our own BILLET STROKER CRANKS.  Our cranks are lighter than the stock crank with a smaller overall ID.  This give the crank a lighter feel and doesn't affect the handling like a traditional stroker crank does. This also give the motor a light revy feeling even though it is a +6mm stroke.  The Thumper Racing crank design is 30% stronger than the factory strokers and does not suffer from crankspread like the factory cranks. 

We use a stock length 129mm Carillo rod balanced to the our one of our big bore pistons of your choice.  If you are replacing a factory stroker crank we also have the factory stroker 126mm rod if you want to say with the piston you are now using (this adds $150 to the crank price).  The price includes balancing to whatever piston you want to run. 

Can be made to work with all KTM RFS motors including quads.

Counter balancer balancing is not mandatory but it will make your motor as smooth as possible.  We usually have core counterbalancers available, call for availability before ordering. Cost for counterbalancer balancing is $100 and refundable core charge is $178

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