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Cylinder Replating

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How do you know when your cylinder needs to be re-Nikasiled? Sometimes its not that easy to tell.  There are the obvious signs; scratches (a good rule of thumb is if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail then it needs replating), plating worn through to the base metal, flaked plating or a piston seizure to name a few.  Sometimes a cylinder will look good and still be out of round, you might still see the cross hatching or you might try to measure clearance by inserting a feeler gauge between the piston and cylinder, this is a very inaccurate way to measure clearance as thin feeler gauges are highly inaccurate. The only way to tell for sure is to measure the bore with a dial bore gauge good to .0001". Most people and even most "motorcycle shops" don't have the equipment to take this accurate of a measurement.  We will check your cylinder for wear and taper, this is a free service to our customers.


We can repair any Nikasil cylinder or Chrome plated cylinder. If you have an old worn cast iron cylinder from a Vintage or obsolete motor we can even Nikasil plate cast iron and bring your old worn-out cylinder back to factory spec. Even extremely damaged cylinders can be repaired by welding up the damaged area and re-machining back to the factory shape.


The old Nikasil will be stripped off your cylinder, then inspected for casting or flaws that require welding or honing in order to true the cylinder. We then clean the cylinder to remove any dirt oil or grime to ensure the best adhesion of the plating compound.  Then replate the cylinder and diamond hone and fit to a new piston or OEM specs.

Our over 20 years  of experience with cylinder rebuilding assures that you'll have the finest cylinder possible.  Our plating will outlast OEM plating from any OEM cylinder.


Because of the involved plating process, turn around time is normally 2 to 3 weeks.  Ask us about our cylinder exchange program, we may have a cylinder on the shelf ready for you.

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