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TTR250-325 BBK

TTR250-325 BBK
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The TTR250 may not have all the latest and greatest suspension or water cooling, but what it does have is the {BUTTON}, and to us that's a good thing to have. Yamaha has set the standard for four stroke dirt bikes with the YZF/WR. Although the TTR is not a full on race bike, it does have a place in the off-road market. And with the help from our 325 kit, it makes a great off-road bike. When we started to test the TTR250 we thought that we could make kits like we do for the XR250 and 280/300/320.  What we found was we could make an even bigger kit and still retain reliability and increase performance dramatically.  NOTE: Cases must be enlarged to 78mm for larger cylinder skirt.

Option 1: We send you the parts, you have the sleeve installed in the cylinder and the cases enlarged, sleeve install guidelines are included - Price: $440
Option 2: You send us the bare cases and cylinder to install the kit, we do the modification - Price: $710 
Option 3: You send us the motor to install the kit - Price: $965 

Prices do not include shipping. 

  • 325 BBK PISTON

    325 BBK PISTON


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