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400EXC/MXC/SX to 470

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Fits KTM EXC and MXC 2000-2007 and KTM 400sx 2000-2002

Basic Kit includes: Piston kit (piston, pin, clips, rings), Jet Kit, Top End Gasket Kit, Cam Link, Sleeve, Labor to install sleeve into your core cylinder and hone to match the piston.

NOTE: Basic kit requires you to send in your core cylinder for sleeve install and hone.

Refundable Core: To save on downtime, we will send you the basic kit completed with one of our core cylinders.  This requires a $300 deposit which is fully refundable when we receive your old core back within 30 days of your receipt of the kit. 

Please call or email for availability of core cylinders.

Kit Installed in Your Motor includes: Basic kit plus labor to install  in your engine.

  • 470 BBK RINGS


  • 470 BBK PISTON


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