KTM 250+ Big Bore Kit
As 4-stroke motors become smaller and more performance is required cooling systems are sized with no extra capacity. Through our unique sleeve design, Cool Flow (patent pending), we design our sleeves that net a 15-40% increase (depending on the application) in water to inner cylinder wall surface area contact over a comparable stock cylinder. This promotes much more efficient and increased heat transfer from the cylinder to the water. This gives a much more stable core cylinder temperature under extreme conditions we see with this engine. All our KTM 250+ kit cylinders are designed with better cooling in mind, you can't increase displacement without considering the extra heat that is generated by the bigger bore bikes. If you look at a stock KTM cylinder the water jacket is only 1.25" tall the rest of the cylinder is oil cooled. All our 250+ cylinder sleeves have our Cool Flow Technology. Our design keeps the core cylinder temp more stable by providing an additional 8 square inches (in the 250 kit) of outer sleeve wall to water contact when compared to stock or any other manufacturer. In all testing a stock bike will boil before one of our kitted KTM big bore bikes.
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